CESES management visits NestorPartners


In February 2017 Mr. Jacques van Egten, chairman of the Board of CESES and Mrs. Gisela Lange, from SES, Germany and  Board member  of CESES visited NestorPartners in Helsinki. The purpose of the meeting was collaboration between the organizations as well as discussions of growing number of senior citizens and their possible activities with small and medium size companies in different countries. Activities of both organizations were discussed as well as visions, goals, projects and achievements.

NestorPartners was represented by Mr. Risto Pontela, chairman of the Board, Mr. Terho Salo, vice-chairman of the Board, Mr Kari Sipilä, Board member and chairman of the international committee, Mr Tapani Kultaranta, member of the international committee and Mrs Elizabeth Asikainen, managing director of Nestor Partners. Senior activities of NestorPartners with companies in Finland and many countries have continued soon 40 years with remarkable results.


The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l., CESES, is an international not-for-profit association incorporated under the Belgian law. It is the first legal entity of its kind and is the most important European-wide grouping of experienced senior volunteers. It structures the cooperation of 20 organizations from 13 Member States. Encompassing the skills and expertise of a life-time of over 20.000 senior experts with the greatest record of experience in all sectors of activity, The CESES Member Associations offer often professional voluntary assistance to help young workers, SMEs, not-for-profit organizations and public Institutions in Europe and abroad in the process of starting activities, expanding and restructuring. Most experts are experienced trainers. Among the Member Associations of CESES, half regroup between 100 to 1000 experts. Each of all has been carefully selected.

Member Associations implementing strict criteria concerning the quality, duration, diversity and complementarity of their operational experience. Some Member Associations are actively sponsored by their national government, some by the private sector or its members. For each Association and for CESES itself, efficiency is natural as the organizations are managed mostly by volunteers providing highly qualified work.

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