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Where are the Nestors needeed?

The partners of NestorPartners ry have broad and diverse experience both in Finland and abroad, and they are ready to give their accumulated experience and know-how of many decades for the use of today's business management. The Nestors have successfully worked as:
  • Discussion partners for entrepreneurs and executives
  • Board members and members of management committees
  • Specialists in privatization
  • Advisors in strategic management
  • Resources in special projects
  • Specialists in training
  • Experts in restructuring and reorganization
  • Advisors in internationalization and export
  • Experts in general management

Over the years the Nestors have actively participated in the internationalization of Finland, in globalization processes, international operations, and foreign assignments. Examples include: the Nestors's connections with Finnpro, FINNIDA, various foreign embassies, international banks, and various UN and EU organizations. The TAM program sponsored by EBRD deserves a special mention. In this program many Nestors have successfully worked in various expert and advisory roles outside Finland..

NestorPartners are international (pdf)